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    How to make a Web Browser


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    How to make a Web Browser

    Post by ForbiddenHacker on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:05 pm

    I have Decided to post how to make a web browser sence as no one else has on this site

    Thins you need:
    VB 2010


    1. open VB 2010, start a windows form application (name it what ever you want) ( click form1 and goto the properties at the bottom land hand corner
    and put the size : 1024, 768)

    2. add 5 buttons,
    Name them
    1:a. Go
    1:b. Stop
    2:c. Forward
    3:d. Back
    4:e. Refresh

    3. Open The ToolBar and Search "Panel"

    4. Open "Panel's" Properties down left hand side and fine "dock"
    Click the collaspe button and select the top button.

    5. look for "Status Strip" in the toolbar and put is at the bottom of the Application. now find this button

    Click it and select progress bar

    6.find "Web Browser" in the toolbar and drag it to the app and goto properties and find "URL" and type what ever URL you want (e.g.

    7.add a label (not URL label) and a text, name the label URL

    Place buttons in this order:

    8. double click on Go and type this code

    9. now double click "stop"
    and type this code:

    10. now double click "Refresh", "Forward" and "Back"
    and type these codes

    Now click build and you should be done!

    Thank me if i helped at all Smile Smile

    Forbidden Hackers Web browser attachment:

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